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Is Your Man REALLY Toxic?

As you read this entire page you will learn the signs of a toxic man and will be able to determine whether your man is truly toxic!  Most importantly, you will learn why men act in a way that creates toxicity in a relationship, and what 


 Elaine M.D.

Have you ever had this happen to you? You meet a great man who you think might be the man of your dreams. He is everything you’ve ever wanted in a man and you can't help but wonder why he is still single. You just can’t believe that a great catch such as your man is still not taken; that some other woman hasn’t snatched him yet.


He may be very good looking or extremely successful, or both. He appears very confident and charismatic. He is always the life of the party. He is a true Alpha-male.


You start dating, maybe even see him with certain regularity or even start a relationship.


You seem to have a wonderful connection when you are with him. He may be keeping in touch regularly. He may be telling you all the right things that you want to hear. Your relationship seems perfect. It is almost too good to be true.


But then, just when you think you are deeply in love with this man, your intuition starts telling you something’s not right. Some of his actions start to not make much sense to you. And what doesn’t make any sense to you is his INCONSISTENCY.


For instance, you set a date to go out but don’t confirm a specific time. You text him the day you are supposed to meet, but don’t hear back. He simply disappears and you are left wondering if you are still meeting. Or maybe you have a date, you re-arrange your schedule to see him, but he calls you to cancel on a short notice.


Or maybe he suddenly stops calling after all the great dates and romantic experiences you had, or calls you whenever he feels like it; sometimes with many excuses and at other times with no explanation at all.


At times you may be getting along fine and suddenly he is gone for days at a time with no phone call, then he comes strolling back in and all should be as it was before. It makes you feel worthless and all alone. You feel uncertain, miserable, and left wondering what you did wrong.


toxic manAt times, however, he makes you feel very happy, but then there are other times when your relationship makes you feel sad, worthless, fearful, and apprehensive, more often than it makes you happy.


It makes you always wonder what’s going on, and this uncertainty drives you crazy.


You may be suspecting that there is something he isn’t telling you.


Perhaps another woman, or maybe he is still not ready to commit to a relationship and wants to date around; but he is telling you that he isn’t seeing anybody else.


You start wondering if he is losing interest in you, or whether you came off too strong and he pulled back. But when you see him again, things are going great and you have a peace of mind again, only to be tormented by his silence or by his actions later.


You start to feel fearful and doubtful, and you are telling yourself that this is normal, and is the way it should be in a new relationship. But then you look at other couples, and they don’t seem to have it like that.


You may even start questioning your own sanity, thinking that you are the one over-reacting.


This man is so promising, but at times he really hurts you by his inconsistency. At times he tells you all the wonderful things you want to hear which make you feel great about your relationship, but at other times you say something seemingly "normal" and he gets upset.


One minute he will be saying how much he loves you and can't live without you, and the next he's telling you that you smother him and he needs some space. One day he can’t stop complimenting you, and the next he criticizes you and puts you down seemingly for no reason, or for some insignificant reason.


You start walking on eggshells thinking about every word you say and everything you do. You start being afraid to say or do the wrong thing waiting for the other shoe to drop.


And when you try talking to him about your concerns he makes you feel like you are the one over-reacting. He may even be telling you that he is fine with everything, and you are the one who is crazy. He is turned off by your tears and gets mean when you are upset with him.


If the situations described above are familiar to you, you may be dating a TOXIC MAN.


Generally, if you feel like you are walking on eggshells then your relationship is toxic and so is the man you are involved with. If you worry that you will say the wrong thing and drive him away then you need to seriously look at your relationship and decide what you want to do about that.


The feelings that are associated with dating a toxic man can range from sadness to despair, from insecurity to extreme fear. And you know that a good healthy relationship is supposed to make you happy not fearful, beyond insecure and sad. Staying in a relationship on these terms and keeping it the way it is may hardly be an option. If you don’t do anything to turn the direction your relationship is going in right now, it will only get worse!


toxic manIf you’ve tried to find information on how to deal with a toxic man in your life, you may have come across many resources that tell you that you cannot change someone, and that the best way to deal with a toxic man is to leave him and not look back.


It hurts me to see so many women being told to leave the men they love, when in fact, any woman can learn to turn the tables and transform a toxic relationship into a happy committed relationship and a very satisfying marriage.


Throughout my career as a dating and relationship coach I have talked to thousands of women who were in relationships with toxic men, women who were dumped by toxic men, women who left toxic men, as well as women who transformed their toxic relationships to get the relationships of their dreams!


Women who gave up on their toxic men and left ended up either single and alone, or in another toxic relationship.

 toxic man

If you don’t learn how to transform your relationship to make it the relationship of your dreams, chances are, you’ll still end up with a toxic man over again. Truth is that toxic men have many great qualities, and those are the qualities we become attracted to. They usually go hand in hand with other qualities that make these men toxic.


Confidence is borderline arrogance; independence is borderline aloofness.


You can’t stand a man who is insecure, and yet, when you meet one who appears super-confident, which makes him irresistibly attractive, you end up with a toxic man.


You don’t want a man who is attached to you at the hip, and yet, when your man seems to "forget you exist" rather often, you become paranoid and insecure.


You want a man who is incredibly charming and sexy, and yet you are upset when you find him checking out or flirting with other women.


You want a man who is assertive, and yet you are upset when he tells you what to do.


You want a man who is strong and silent, and yet you get upset when he is an emotional iceberg.


It seems that there are no good men left out there, except for the "nice guys" – a term used to describe social inept nerds.


So, you are left with 3 choices:


1.    Stay in your toxic relationship and continuously get hurt

2.    Leave your toxic relationship and end up alone, with a "nice guy" you are not attracted to, or with yet another toxic man – different guy, same problems

3.    Learn how to transform your toxic relationship and teach your toxic man to treat you right


And I can guarantee you that there is a sure way to change your relationship and transform a toxic man into a loving, supportive, committed, and consistent partner, because what I have learned from years of experience as a dating and relationship coach is that it is the woman who ultimately dictates the direction of the relationship.


Have you heard the expression "The man is the head, the woman is the neck. The woman will turn the man whichever way she wants"?


So, if your man is being a jerk toward you right now, what you need to understand is that he is only acting this way because you are the one ALLOWING the toxicity. And it’s not that you are condoning this behavior; it’s just that you don’t know how to stop it, turn the tables, and to encourage your man to willingly and eagerly make changes!


Toxic men are only toxic with their women who allow that, while being on their best behavior with women who know exactly how to handle a toxic man and who demand RESPECT and COMMITMENT!


You need to decide whether you want to leave the relationship with your man or to CHANGE YOUR ACTIONS to TRANSFORM YOUR TOXIC MAN!



Yes, it CAN BE DONE!


Toxic men can become VERY LOVING and DEVOTED to one woman but only when that woman learns how to enter his INNER WORLD!


Have you ever ended a relationship with a toxic man in the past only to find out that the man who was toxic to you married another woman and made her VERY HAPPY?


If so, you probably wondered, what was it about her that you didn’t have?


You probably tortured yourself wondering what you could have done differently to save your relationship and transform your toxic man into a loving and devoted boyfriend or husband he’s become with his new woman.


You probably still have a feeling that men do change for the right woman because you’ve seen it happen with other women. You just haven’t made it happen for you yet!


Remember that other women have been where you are and were able to learn how to deal with a toxic man to not just make a relationship merely bearable, but to even MAKE IT THRIVE.


Yes, a toxic relationship can leave you feeling sad, anxious, fearful, insecure, and eventually mad and restless if you don’t do anything about it.


It can make you feel regretful for the rest of your life if you give up on your man now, leave the relationship and don’t do anything to change it!


Learning what the women who have succeeded at transforming their relationships with toxic men know will TRANSFORM YOUR RELATIONSHIP and your man from toxic to loving and committed!


Once you learn how to do this, you will put your competition behind because you will be the only one who can truly CONNECT WITH YOUR MAN on a DEEP LEVEL!


At that point you will FEEL SAFE AND SECURE in your relationship, because you will know without a doubt that your man will never find a woman like you!


This will give you an incredible power in your relationship! You will finally HAVE THE CERTAINTY from knowing that NO MATTER WHAT your man will be devoted to you, and NO OTHER WOMAN WILL EVER BE ABLE TO STEAL HIM FROM YOU!


Keep reading to learn things about toxic men that you must know if you decide that you want to keep your man and TRANSFORM YOUR RELATIONSHIP into the relationship of your dreams!


The Biggest Mistake Women Make With a Toxic Man


Thinking that you toxic man is evil is the biggest mistake you can make in a relationship with toxic men!


The reason he is acting this way with you is NOT because he doesn’t care about you!


Deep down, your toxic man is NOT what he appears to be!


Have you ever noticed that the way your man acts toward other people is completely different from the way he is acting toward you?


If so, you may be wondering, "why is he so different with me?" You want him to be the same way he is with others, but it seems that the whole world thinks of him as a wonderful man and a great catch, and you are the only one who sees his "ugly side"!


The reason you are seeing this side is because HE FEELS INSECURE WITH YOU!


Men who are toxic act this way not because they don’t love you. It’s rather opposite. Toxic men are only toxic with women who are very special to them.


It may be sickening to realize that you are the only one causing your man such drastic change in his behavior, but the reality is that he is acting this way with you because you are more important to him than anybody else.




Toxic men only become toxic when they feel that they can’t control their emotions around certain women AND when those women don’t know how to handle such behavior from their men.


Their women become anxious, insecure and fearful, and that feeds a toxic man’s fragile ego and confirms him. Without such behavior a toxic man will think that the emotions he is feeling for a woman are out of control and it scares him.


He feels that he has to be in control of not only the relationship but of you as well. He will want to control everything that you do, but not want you to control what he does.


Jealousy, being possessive, and being controlling go hand in hand in a toxic relationship. He feels that it's okay for him not to call and disappear but if you do the same thing it is an entirely different story and you could be accused of cheating on him or worse.


A man like this may criticize everything about you because he feels too unsure of your feelings for him. This behavior makes the woman he is with feel like she is not good enough and in the end she may have problems trusting other men. And this is what a toxic man ultimately wants.


He will try to bring you down, so that you won’t leave him or trade him for someone else. But when you CONNECT TO HIS INNER WORLD, you will see a DIFFERENT MAN inside of him. A man like this knows that only THE RIGHT WOMAN will see behind his outer image - behind his fašade.


Sending mixed signals is the toxic man's way of keeping you in check. A toxic man sending mixed signals is a way to keep you wondering as well.


Another problem with toxic men is that they may display anger for no reason at all. Many women walk on eggshells with a toxic man because the least little thing can set him off and he will get angry. But I will teach you how to deal with a man's anger in a way that will make him respect you!


If the idea of your man getting angry makes you scared, this is because he’s got you under his thumb. Many women have no idea how to handle a man’s anger and become too preoccupied with their own actions in an attempt to always keep him happy and content.


But this is certainly not the way to gain his respect.


At the same time, if you make a negative comment about his behavior he will start blaming you for his flaws.


You are damn if you do, damn if you don’t.


You may be spinning your wheels trying to please him, but it doesn’t work. He keeps pushing the envelope to see how much you can take.


At the same time if you start contradicting him, he has no qualms about dropping you like a hot potato.


This situation seems like there is no way out other than out of the relationship completely.


But when you think about his other qualities, he doesn’t seem that bad. And when he is nice to you, he is REALLY nice. In fact, he is a great catch overall and only even he didn’t treat you the way he does some times, he’d be perfect.


He is successful, charismatic in public, good looking, and overall the kind of men other women will want to date and marry.


When he is not mean to you, he is rather charming and attentive. He is fun, and you get along well some of the time.


He is just too good to leave, and there are many good things about him that you know you will surely regret losing.


The worst thing is that if you decide to leave him, he will find someone else, and eventually he will settle down with a woman who knows how to make him give her the treatment she wants.


And when you see them happily married, you will torture yourself thinking that it could have been YOU!


Throughout the years of my career as a dating and relationship coach I have learned what REALLY works for transforming a relationship with a toxic man into a loving, committed and devoted relationship every woman dreams about.


A great majority of my past clients came to me when they had problems in their relationship caused by toxic men. I have been happy to see them transform their relationships and stay with their men who became the most loving boyfriends and husbands to them.


Eventually I created a program for women who were involved with toxic men, and wanted to learn how to stay in and transform their relationships.


This program TRANSFORMING YOUR TOXIC RELATIONSHIP involved coming to class once a week for three months. I had a group of women who signed up for this class.


We met once a week, I heard the women’s problems, advised them on how to solve them, and then they reported back with the results.


I have to say that the results were amazing!


These women also had the support of each other, and together we consistently worked on improving their relationships.


When these women graduated from the program their relationships were nothing short of phenomenal. We have seen all kinds of toxic men transformed.


What we’ve concluded is that sometimes the toxic guy just doesn’t know what makes you happy and needs your guidance. And some are broken inside and need a loving heart of a woman to encourage them to transform. Perhaps your man doesn’t realize that the way he is acting is toxic, or maybe he is just waiting for the right woman who can see INSIDE HIM.


We have seen some amazing changes in some very toxic men.


As this program became more and more popular I started getting inquiries from women all over the area who also wanted to experience such amazing transformations in their relationships. And the more women joined, the more I perfected the program by testing the best strategies and selecting the ones that were the most effective every time.


However, at some point I realized that there were more women than I could help due to geographical limitations. You see, since the ongoing nature of this class, not everyone who needed help could come to my location in California for weekly sessions, especially women who didn’t even live in the same country.


Additionally, due to limited availability of space and high costs of doing brick-and-mortar based business, such as paying for conference room rent, etc. which required charging high fees to clients of this program, this course was not available to every woman who wanted it.


So, I decided to make this program available in a form of an electronic book (e-book).


And now you can have instant access to this program for a tiny fraction of its original cost! You can DOWNLOAD it right now from this page!


And as an added benefit, you will be able to send me your questions (anonymously if you like) about your specific situation with your man.



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Here Are Just Some Of The Things You Will Learn:


Why Toxic Men Hurt The Women They Love and How To Stop That


What You Should Know About Your Toxic Man In Order to Change Him


Three Faces of a Toxic Man


Women That Toxic Men Love


Why He Choose You


How to Tell If He Really Loves You


... and much more!


The secrets you will learn in this program are powerful!


This program is packed with secrets – it’s the real deal, which has transformed formerly toxic relationships into happy and healthy committed relationships and marriages!


Just read the table of contents below and see for yourself how powerful these secrets are!

table of contents


Are you in a relationship with or dating a toxic man?


There is HOPE!


Toxic men change for the right woman and I've seen it happen time and time again!!


Make it happen for you!


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Elaine M.D.

Elaine M.D.